Improve customer satisfaction with fast and easy remote IT support.

More often than not, remote support services are occurring between IT solution providers and their clients and businesses they support. Solve IT Solutions, LLC Remote Services is a convenient way to temporarily allow, on demand, a highly trained technical support agent, to connect with you and your computer and/or network without ever leaving our office. This allows you to save time and money by quickly and affordably resolving your computer issues. The connection between our staff and your computer is achieved through a 256 bit encrypted connection as to complete the support call securely and effectively. Using this remote support solution, let Solve IT Solutions be your sole IT department or help desk solution for your organization. Already have an over-burdened IT department? Let Solve IT Solutions, LLC assist and compliment your IT department with a help desk support solution and let your IT department get back to completing the more complicated onsite tasks of your organization. Need advanced support solutions for your business? We offer Remote Managed Services Solution in which Solve IT can remotely monitor and effectively manage your entire mom & pop company, small business, or enterprise network or server and computer infrastructure.

Remote access with the Take Control and Remote Background Management tools helps you provide your customers with a seamless, secure maintenance experience - wherever they are! One click allows quick and easy remote access to any server or workstation , as if you were sitting right in front of it.

24/7 access to remote computers or servers

Take Control lets you take advantage of 24/7 remote IT support - meaning you don't need somebody there at the other end. Save your most important contacts in your computers and contacts list and connect within seconds.

Manage all your connections easily

Save all your customer information and connections in a database and share it with your colleagues. Take Control logs all your remote control sessions, including start and end times, making it ideal for billing purposes as well.

Support Tools For Your Representatives:

    Two-Way Screen Sharing

    Both reps and customers can share their screens.

    Remote Control

    With the customer's permission, a rep can remotely take control of the customer's desktop or device to provide service.

    Mac Support

    PC-based representatives can view or share control of Mac users' desktops as well as PC users'.

    File Transfer

    Useful for applying patches, sending URLs and receiving log files.

    Remote Diagnostics

    Reps can access your customer's system information using a customizable tool to gather information specific to your support needs.

    Log-In as Administrator

    IT help desk administrators can remotely log in to customer computers to perform system administrative tasks without interrupting the session in progress.